We build rich Windows Phone and Windows Tablet

Applications to your specifications.
Custom Mobile Application Development

At 1800MobileApps we now build for Windows Phone! Often times a business is unsure if they should move to this new platform and are unsure about the overhead – we can develop a plan that will yield best of both worlds and put your app on multiple platforms.

We have experience building end-to-end business applications with business logic and backend server logic. Our professional team can build your client-side app and the server-side.

From application concept to the Windows Marketplace, our experienced project team can help you launch your app in the marketplace that is most suitable for you.

Some unique features we provide include:

  • Scalable Designs: When your app becomes a huge success you will have the comfort and peace of mind that your app is scalable and will stay a success.
  • Confidentiality: 1800MobileApps will sign a NDA whenever asked to protect your idea and your company.
  • Testing: Often overlooked, testing your app to ensure it works the way it was intended is important to delivering a quality product.
  • Cross-Platform: We custom-build cross-platform mobile apps from the ground up.

We are committed to help you get your mobile app idea developed.Call us anytime at (385) 439-0118 or email us at info@1800agile.com we look forward to helping you and making your idea become a reality.

You Need a Mobile Windows App Now!

  • Over the last few years, our world of communications, of finding and exchanging information, has gone 50% mobile.
  • Apple iPhone/iPad and Android devices combined are the fastest-selling communications tools ever, with over 2 million activations daily!
  • Mobile is the fastest-growing industry in history! On average people are 6 1/2 times more likely to interact with your business on a mobile device then a desktop computer.
  • Today’s consumers and business owners (85% of business owners have a smartphone) expect the convenience and ease-of-use that Mobile provides
  • 81% of Business are planning on building a mobile application with-in the next 12 months. (source: Information Week)
  • Any business which has its own Mobile App has an ever-increasing advantage over the competition in today’s Mobile-dominated market.

This is where we can help by building your app today! Businesses of all kinds are seeing tremendous growth from using Mobile Apps.

Let our team bring your iOS mobile app to life!

Stop dreaming and let us help bring your iOS mobile app to the world

We are committed to help entrepreneurs and small business compete in the modern marketplace!

To help answer any and all of your questions on mobile app development, please contact 1800 Mobile Apps today by emailing us at info@1800agile.com or by calling (385) 439-0118.